The Legend Of Danae

Danae was the beautiful daughter of Acrisius, King of Agos. The Delphic Oracle told the King that one day he would have a Grandson he longed for , but joy turned to sadness when the Oracle said “The boy will kill you”. On hearing this news, Acrisius had Danae locked away in a brazen tower. The God Zeus fell in love with Danae and disguised himself as a “Shower of Golden Rain” which fell into the lap of the beautiful Danae. Danae gave birth to a son she named Perseus.

Acrisius would not believe it was Zeus who seduced his daughter, and fearing the god Zeus, had Danae and Perseus placed in an ark and cast into the raging sea. Danae prayed for deliverance from the sea. Her prayers were answered when a fisherman named Dictys caught the ark in his net and hauled his precious catch ashore. On opening the ark he found Danae and her infant son alive. He took them home were they became part of his household. The brother of Dictys was Polydectus the King of Seriphos.

Polydectus, King of Seriphos, wanted the beautiful Danae, but not Perseus. He sent Perseus on a dangerous mission to bring back the head of the gorgon Medusa, hoping that Perseus would be turned to stone the minute he gazed on the Gorgon.

But Perseus did slay the sleeping Medusa and cut off her head. He returned to to Seriphos to be reunited with his mother Danae. He found that Polydectus had become a cruel ruler, so using the head of Medusa he turned the king to stone
Perseus married Andromeda and in company with his mother Danae traveled to Larissa. Whilst in Larissa Perseus joined in the funeral games to celebrate the death of King Polydectus.

As Perseus was about to throw the discus a fierce wind blew the discus from his hand into the spectators, killing one. It was Acrisius, King of Agos. Thereby fulfilling the Oracles prophecy

The Ships Motto
Timeant Daneios
Let them fear those belonging to Danae